Thankful Day After Thursday

I’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks and it’s time to start blogging again.

To get back into the swing of things, I’m doing a Thankful Thursday post a day late. And since I’m feeling out of practice, I’ll go with a top 10 list. If you decide you have better things to do than read what I’m thankful for, it’s okay.  I’ll understand. But you might miss something.

Just sayin’….

10. The faithful and talented lead teacher of our ESL class has been overwhelmed since her father’s death a few months ago and thought she might need to give up preparing lessons. But once she got if off of her chest, we made a plan and she doesn’t have to give it up and I don’t have to take on as many additional responsibilities as I feared. Woo hoo! for both of us!

9. While not blogging this past week, I made a trip to Mom and Dad’s. I got to see an aunt and uncle I don’t see often, as well as my sisters, nephews and nieces. I ate a lot. Visited a lot. Gained a couple of pounds. Loved the people I love.

8. My Mother-in-law lives a little less than half-way to my parents’ home, so I can break up my drive and spend the night with her and save my back. Really, really thankful!

7. Even though mom has dementia, she still knows all of us and still has her sense of humor. She lost her balance a little and kind of leaned into dad and said, “I fell for you!” and chuckled.

6. I found a stenographer’s pad that mom used to start writing a family history – mostly her memories. I took it out under the carport, lay it on the hood of the car and snapped a picture of each page. Can’t wait to read it.

5. So thankful for my amazing dad(Jim) and his loving care and devotion to mom! (But did he have to look grumpy in all the pictures?)

4. iPad + blog = time spent sitting with mom and looking through pictures of family.

3. Dad was looking for mom’s meatloaf recipe and I could say, “I have it on my blog, let me get it for you!”

2. Arrived home safely yesterday afternoon and had dinner with friends. Our mutual friend has moved out of state and we got together because she was in town. And – this sweet friend subscribes to my blog (and leaves me comments!) even though she doesn’t know anyone in my family. Thanks Danita! So thankful for these friends!

And the #1 thing I am thankful for:

One hour before the stroke of midnight on the eve of my 59th birthday, this blog reconnected me to someone I had met only once – 50 years ago. We are both amazed. If nothing else comes of this blog, it’s ok because someone missing from my life for fifty years has been found. I’m not ready to write about it yet. It will come in time.



3 thoughts on “Thankful Day After Thursday

  1. I’m glad you got to visit with your family and especially glad to hear that your Mom is doing well, considering her condition. I was beginning to worry about you since I had not received a blog for a while.

  2. I’m thankful for all my girlfriends too. I always feel invigorated after spending time with the “girls”. I’m glad you got to see your mom, I love that story.

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