The George Washington Bryan Family Bible

DSCN3129 - Version 2George Washington Bryan was my 2nd great grandfather, born 1 April 1819 in Christian/Todd County, KY. He died 3 January 1864 in Davis County, IA. He was married to Sarah Stokes, born 26 August 1821 in Christian/Todd County, KY and died 22 October 1914 in Davis County, IA.

I have written several posts about the George Washington Bryan Bible. When I started writing this series of posts, I just sat with the Bible and went wherever it led me. Sometimes I may have made inaccurate conclusions! It was interesting to analyze the information and speculate about the various handwriting samples. I became ill before I finished the series and hope to get back to it one day soon. You can find links to all of the posts here.

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2 thoughts on “The George Washington Bryan Family Bible

  1. How exciting to see your post of the Bryan Family Bible! George Washington Bryan was my great-great-great grandfather. His son George Larkin Bryan was the father of my great grandfather William Franklin. William’s only son Paul being my dad’s father. I am just now delving into the Bryan genealogy, along with a few cousins. A few years back my Dad and I drove through the small town of Drakesville, Davis County, Iowa in search of the family history. I am so excited to find your blog!

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