Sepia Saturday 305 – Just a Little Hot Air

Oct / Nov / Dec 2015

Sepia Saturday provides bloggers with an opportunity to share their history through the medium of photographs. Historical photographs of any age or kind become the launchpad for explorations of family history, local history and social history in fact or fiction, poetry or prose, words or further images.

It has taken me until Sunday to think of a photo to fit this week’s theme:

bubble gum

Me at the Hedrick Y. Taken by Grandma Abbie.

Me. Blowing my first bubble gum bubble. You might think it’s a bit of a stretch.

Let’s be honest. It wasn’t the first bubble I blew. I blew my first successful bubble, ran to tell my grandmother, who got her camera and we went back outside so I could blow another one for posterity. I don’t know how long she had to wait for me to master the correct form again and fill the stretched out gum with just a wee bit of hot air, but I did eventually manage to recreate the moment. And I look pretty pleased with myself.

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