Sepia Saturday – Thinking of Mom

Today would have been my mom’s birthday.

Mom was born during the Great Depression into a coal miner’s family. She knew what it meant not to have much in the way of material things and to rely on government assistance during hard times.

Against the norms of the day, she made a difficult decision when I was two because she believed it would mean a better life for the two of us.

Mom and me

Mom valued family and devoted herself to our well being. She would have done whatever she believed necessary to protect her children.

I never remember a time when Mom wasn’t involved in the lives of children – as a Sunday school teacher, a Girl Scout leader, a second mom to her kid’s friends. Her actions and love of children taught me that there are no other people’s children.

I can’t give her a present today, so in honor of her example, I’ll be gifting Austin Region Justice For Our Neighbors – a United Methodist immigration ministry (mom grew up Methodist).

If you are so inclined, I hope you will consider giving to this organization or another of your choosing that serves immigrants, migrants, asylum seekers, or separated families in need of compassion and assistance.

This is my offering for Sepia Saturday. Please visit other participants, sit at the table, and enjoy the stories they have to tell.

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8 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday – Thinking of Mom

  1. Kathy! Stop! You’re making me cry. This is a PERFECT contribution – people at the table, a 2-toned wall, a tribute to a beautiful woman, and a lovely response to current events, such as they are.

  2. Thanks, Wendy. I thought I abandoned the theme, but now that you point things out, I guess I hit a few points after all.

  3. A lovely tribute. Only this morning my wife and I discussed making contributions to organizations aiding the immigrants caught up in this latest misguided unAmerican action. The world needs more compassion and understanding, and less contempt and stupidity.

  4. Thank you, Mike. There are a number of good organizations to choose from. I made a previous contribution to RAICES. My local congregation is encouraging donations to our local JFON office. I feel helpless to do much, but at least these donations provide important legal representation.

  5. Happy birthday yesterday in memory of your loving mother…and thank you for sharing in her honor the wonderful photos of your lives together. May those children now be reunited with their parents who came to America asking for help.

  6. I lost my Mom in March this year, so this post resonated with me. Yet as your beautiful set of photos and text testify, our mothers stay with us forever — even when no longer physically present. And what a wonderful memorial gift in honor of your Mom at such a difficult time for migrant children.

  7. Your mother was obviously a loving woman with a big heart – and brave to go against the norm to do what she thought was best for her child. I’m sure it took a lot of courage and faith. Happy Birthday to your Mom and you know, of course, she still lives within your heart! 🙂

  8. A lovely memorial to someone who was very loved, and is very missed. The pictures somehow convey the kind of woman she must have been.

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