Bible Records – The Coates Family

I am such a bad genealogist. Better than I used to be. But still not so good at keeping notes on everything I acquire. I’m excusing myself on this one because it was before I knew better.

I received these copies of pages from a Coates family Bible from someone at sometime. My Aunt Wilma may have sent them to me. I don’t know who has the Bible or when the copies were made. If you know something I don’t, please fill me in.

Coates Family Bible - Births Page

Coates Family Bible - Marriages Page


Coates Family Bible - Deaths Page



Born to Joseph & Mary Coates
Carl Coates                    August 20th 1892
John William Coates      Aug 4th 1894
Joseph Robert Coates   Aug 28th 1896
Amelia May Coates        January 14th 1899
Evelina Coates               February 15th 1901
Blanche Coates              April 12, 1903
Marjorie Coates              June 19, 1906
Beernard Coates             April 15, 1908
Leonard Coates              March 27, 1910
Nellie Coates                  February 3, 1912
Richard Faye Coates      Nov. 27, 1932


John Coates & Ellenor Richardson
on December 30th 1862 at Low Willington Co Durham England
Joseph Coates & Mary A Harris
on November 9th 1891 at Centerville Iowa USA
Carl Coates & Nellie Murl Metcalf
on Sept. 16th 1916 at Blandinsville Ills
Joseph Robert Coates & Alice Tingle
at Mystic Iowa
Thomas Hoskins & Eveline Coates
March 24 – 1923 at Mystic Iowa
Miles Otto Bankson & Blanche Coates
September 22 – 1923 at Mystic Iowa


Amelia May Coates                     January 24th 1900
Celia Harris (Mother’s mother)    March 14 – 1922
Wilbur Thomas Hoskins              Jan 18 – 1930
Carl Coates                                  Aug. – 22  – 1951
Joseph Coates Sr. (father)          March 3 – 1939
Leonard Coates                          Jan 2, 1959
Mary Ann Coates (Mother)          Jan. 8, 1965
Joseph R. Coates                        Aug 3, 1971
John –                                          Feb 16, 1984
Margie                                          Jan 28, 1981
Bernard Coates                           Oct 21, 1998
Nellie Coates Stickler                  May   1999


5 thoughts on “Bible Records – The Coates Family

  1. I love your information. I just noticed that your Nellie Coats and my grandmother Hattie Rosa Bryan (Fisher) have the same birthdays. February 3, 1912. They are the last sisters in each family it looks like.
    Nellie died 1999 and my grandma Hattie Rosa Bryan died July 12, 2009. Ten years apart. Also my grandma Hattie also had a sister named Nellie Bryan.

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