Chair Memories – Little Rockers

My First Rocking Chair

A couple of pictures from much younger days….

I have to admit that I don’t really remember this chair but I have several pictures with me in and around the chair, so maybe somebody remembers it. I had to include this picture more for what I was wearing though. The apron! I love old aprons. Maybe this was the beginning of my fondness for them. I would imagine that one of my grandmothers made it for me.


A Bigger Little Rocking Chair

I do remember this rocking chair. I clearly received it as a Christmas present along with a lot of other goodies. It was a textured vinyl fabric in a very neutral white/grey/beige. I know there is a picture of me sitting in the chair holding my cousin Cherie as a baby. We are on the sidewalk in front of Grandma (Eveline Coates) Hoskins house. I can’t find it.  🙁

Addendum: November 12, 2012 – Here is the picture I was looking for…

Holding Cousin Cherie



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