Sepia Saturday – Wheeled Baby Transport

The prompt from Sepia Saturday this week had me looking through the family pictures on my computer for babies being transported – or at least posing in a carriage or stroller. Here’s what I found….

Bernard Coates (1908-1998)

Bernard Coates was my grandmother’s brother. I called him Uncle Bernie.

What is that expression on his face?  I don’t want my picture taken… This big bow is a bit much… I’ll sit here for the picture, but I won’t like it.

The strap across the front of the stroller seems more of a suggestion to the child to stay in the stroller than an attempt to keep him restrained. At least it doesn’t wrinkle his clothes.

Wilbur Hoskins (1924-1930)

Wilbur Hoskins was the first-born child of my grandparents, Eveline Coates Hoskins and Thomas Hoskins. My grandparents left their home in Mystic, Iowa and traveled to Rockford, Illinois so that my grandfather could find work. Wilbur came with them; they left their young son, Albert, in the care of his grandmother; Eveline was pregnant with my mother. During their stay in Rockford, Wilbur got the measles, suffered kidney failure, and died at the young age of five years. I think he resembles his father.

The stroller itself is very interesting – looks like a seat within a seat. It looks like the handle for pushing the stroller has been swung over the top of the stroller and is on the ground in front.

Birthday Goodies

On a lighter note – here is a picture of me chatting it up with someone about my birthday haul which includes a baby and a baby buggy.

Fun on the Farm

So this last one isn’t a baby buggy or stroller, but it is a fun form of transport for a kid. This is my (step)grandfather G. A. Hockensmith and two of my sisters getting a ride during a visit to our grandparent’s farm. I love this picture because everything looks just as it was – no posing, nothing cleaned up or hidden from view for the picture, my sister’s joyful smile during her bumpy ride.

26 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday – Wheeled Baby Transport

  1. Sorry to say, but Uncle Bernie is dressed more like Aunt Bernie. I did a double-take when you said this was your uncle. Very interesting and different-looking carriages. Nothing beats a ride in a wheelbarrow – every kid should do that at least once.

    • I know – poor Uncle Bernie! I seem to have several old family pictures with little boys dressed in what look like girls’ clothing.

  2. Such great pictures; the baby boy in his elaborate outfit and beautiful stroller is rather a little pensive about the whole procedure. It is a very cute photo. Interesting to see the different styles of strollers. Just a few years ago I was pushing my youngest granddaughter in a wheelbarrow around the garden, she loved it especially when I stopped at the pond and tried to tip it into the pond, she dared me!

    • Thanks for your comments. Sounds like you and your granddaughter had a fun day. My grandfather in the picture also used to take me for rides in the back of his pickup truck. I loved it – but it wouldn’t be allowed today.

    • Thank you. One day I plan to share a bit more about Wilbur, his funeral, and the correspondence my grandparents received.

  3. Awesome photos! Little Bernard does look a bit unhappy.

    So sad about Wilbur. What a tragedy for his parents!

    That’s a pretty sweet phone you’ve got there among your birthday gifts!

  4. What a wonderful selection of photos with so much personality evident. Did Uncle Bernie have older siblings? To me, this photo says, “I want to get out and play with them”. A sad story about Wilbur but great that he is being remembered all these years later.

  5. What a great group of pictures. Your uncle Bernie looks like he’s just enduring the photo – bet he could hardly wait to get the bonnet off and get out of those clothes. Great photo of you with your birthday presents and cake. Your cake looks quite detailed – looks like you received many fun gifts. Is that a doctor’s kit on the table? I received a baby carriage one Christmas like yours and it was always one of my favorite toys.

    • Thank you. I wish I knew if there was some occasion for Uncle Bernie to be all dressed up. Yes – a doctor kit. I got encouragement for motherhood and a career! I wasn’t cut out for anything medical, however.

  6. Nice to have your Birthday haul all laid out no wonder you wanted to talk about it. What are wheelbarrows for if not for that, fun photo.

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