Wisdom Wednesday – Take Time

Grandma and Grandpa Hoskins 1966

I have a bunch of clippings from the newspaper that my grandmother Eveline Coates Hoskins cut out and saved – mostly bits of wisdom or humor – sometimes information about something she was interested in. I thought I’d share some of them as they convey a bit about her personality and the times. Grandma was born in 1901 and died in 1989. I’d guess that most of these clippings were from the 60s and 70s.

This item, titled “Take Time” was at one time taped into something – possibly one of the little notebooks that Grandma kept.

Today’s words of wisdom:

When I look back on the days that I lived with Grandma Hoskins (Eveline) as a little girl, my memory of her is of a woman who had a rhythm and balance to her day – much as this clipping suggests. She was older then and didn’t have the burden of lots of small children to raise (just me!), so perhaps this was a reflection of her age and life situation. But I always think about her being up early and getting to work at the day’s tasks  – gardening, laundry, ironing… After lunch she would stop and enjoy watching her soap operas, working a jigsaw puzzle, reading the newspaper, working the crossword puzzle, and writing letters. Then it was back to work. A balance of work and play. Time for herself and time for others.

Not at all like me…. procrastinating, rushing about to do what I have left undone, feeling off-balance a good bit of the time…. sitting here at the computer, unshowered, while responsibilities go unattended.

Oh, to take Grandma’s example and live it!


6 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday – Take Time

  1. Kathy,
    What a thoughtful lady your Grandma Eveline was. She seems to have lived what she believed – a wonderful example for you and for all of us. Thank you for sharing her wisdom in a lovely and reflective post.


    • Thank you. I’m afraid I’m not following her example very well again today – but better than on the day I wrote this! 🙂

  2. That reminds me so much of both my grandmothers, but especially my much beloved paternal grandmother to whom I was closest to. What a wonderful tribute to someone who was also much loved.

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