Sepia Saturday – Sports You Won’t See in the Olympics

Sepia Saturday provides an opportunity for genealogy bloggers to share their family history through photographs. Today’s prompt coincides with the first full day of the 2012 London Olympics and features two sports you won’t see – cricket and baseball.

I had fun going through my collection of photos to add to the list of sports you will not see in the Olympic games.



1. Catch Ball Watching

This first photo is of my great-grandfather, Myron David Webber, playing catch with one of his grandchildren. It looks as though Yvonne’s coach has taught her the “ready” stance – knees bent, eyes on the ball, ready to catch the ball at a moment’s notice.

And here Yvonne is intently watching the ball …. not moving forward to catch it.  My mistake – the sport of Ball Watching, not Catch.

2. Motorcycle Teeter Totter

What can one say about such creative sporting?

3. Motorcycle Snow Skiing

Dad Motorcycle Skiing

Action Cam

4. Two-Girl Tractor Tire Rolling

Charlene and Me on the Farm

What sports did your family play that won’t be seen in the Olympics this summer?

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31 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday – Sports You Won’t See in the Olympics

  1. Not only are they glorious old photographs – but they way you have presented them as “sports you wont see in the Olympics” had me Laughing Out Loud for real. Great post, thanks.

    • I’ll take your word for it as I know nothing about cricket…. maybe I’ll let Yvonne know and she can get in a little practice. 🙂 Darts – haven’t played in years. Thanks for the comment!

  2. This is hilarious. I don’t think Croquet or Corn Hole made the Olympic games list. And I think you underestimate Motorcycle Teeter Totter. That’s probably how Eval Knievel got his start.

  3. Well these are great. I loved your post. I do know what corn hole is. Played everywhere around here. The most popular boards are Uof Louisville and U of Kentucky, adds to the determination. Great job

    • Thanks for stopping by. I just looked at Wikipedia and see that Cornhole is bean bag toss organized into team play. I’d never heard of it! As Mr. Rogers said, “You learn something old every day.”

  4. You are so funny! Looks like the guy was well on his way to jump the Grand Canyon in the first motorcycle picture. These are all wonderful and inventive; loved the girls tire rolling too.

    Kathy M.

    • Thanks! I didn’t have any real athletes in the family to work with (except the skiing motorcyclist who did race professionally).

  5. What a creative and humorous post – made me LOL! My favorite pics are your dad motorcycle skiing and the two-girl tractor tire rolling. The tire’s as big as the girls!

    • Thanks! I wasn’t sure whether to add that last one with the tire or not. I like that front view of my dad, too.

  6. Great sporty themes, especially the first one…they are so cute, and of course the two girl tractor team bound to have the biggest muscles of all time!

  7. Certainly had a good laugh here, especially since the pics seemed to come alive,
    telling me about certain outcomes, especially #2…
    Thanx 4 sharing!!
    You could host your own Olympic Games with these.

  8. Oh, wow, one of my earliest memories is an intense game of ball watching with my great grandpa. You completely took me back! Thanks so much for this fun post!

    • Thank you! I just visited your post – I seem to have missed it my first or second time around. Then I read a lot more of your blog – really interesting and well done.

    • Yes – and he got back into racing one thing or another later in life… until he was about 70 (not professionally then, of course).

  9. Great photos! I especially like the photo of you with the tire. I can remember rolling tires with a cousin when I was a child. It was so much fun. 🙂

  10. You had fun going through the photos … we’re having fun looking at them! What a creative way to stay on theme for Sepia Saturday. Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle.

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