Treasure Chest Thursday – Transported Back in Time

Lola was berating me last night. She hadn’t been on a walk for two days and she had a lot of pent-up energy seeking release. It was half past dark, so I promised her we would go first thing this morning.

It may not have been the first thing we did, but I kept my promise.

The afternoon highs are still in the 90s here, but we have experienced the hope of fall. The winds shifted a couple of days ago and there was the slightest, but real, hint of fall. You could feel it. You could breathe it.

As I was contemplating the potential of cooler weather, I noticed a pecan growing on a young tree right at eye level as we walked by. That pecan transported me back to the days when my oldest daughter was a toddler and we would take walks and find treasures. A pecan lying on the ground would have qualified.

I found her a shoebox and we called it her Treasure Box. It became the dedicated space for all the treasures she picked up and brought home from a walk or found in our yard.

So on my walk this morning, I found myself picking up the kinds of treasures my daughter might have found 25 years ago – feathers, shiny rocks (always a favorite), acorns, acorn tops (good hats for fairies), pretty leaves (none of those today), and anything else that looked interesting.

It was a happy memory – walking with a little one, oooh-ing at a new find, talking about the newest treasure – what it was and why we enjoyed it, putting them in the treasure box, taking them out to look at again when we added more treasures. I hoped she would learn that real treasures are not found in a store.

My daughter added to her treasure box for a couple of years and hung onto it even longer. Sometime in her tweens, she went through the Treasure Box one last time and threw everything out.

I may have been more sensitive to this memory today because of something I saw on GMA before our walk. It seems that a young mother of a 10-week-old baby blogged that she was taking a vacation for six days. She wouldn’t be taking the baby with her. She has received a lot of flak.

It was annoying that GMA, in discussing this, paired one of their doctors with a “real housewife” from somewhere who, I thought, had nothing of value to say. I wondered how the doctor had allowed herself to be paired with this woman. I felt humiliated for her (the doctor). I changed the channel.

All I can say is – I hope this young mother comes back from her vacation refreshed and renewed. I hope she misses her baby while she is gone, for if she does, then there is a bond between them. And I hope they fill a Treasure Box together.



4 thoughts on “Treasure Chest Thursday – Transported Back in Time

  1. Great story, with great memories. I hate shows or posts like the one you described about the young mother, but then perhaps she shouldn’t have blogged about it. It’s really no one else’s business.

    • Having plunged into the world of blogging, I always find myself second-guessing what should or should not be said in the context of my blog. As I learned from my early mistakes with email, once you hit publish/send, it can’t ever really be taken back. If you catch me teetering on the edge, please pull me back!

      • I think blogging is a great, but like anything you have to put on some filters. A lot of bloggers do it for the publicity or ads, which I have mixed feelings about. With any public domain you just have to be ready to handle the public opinions that come with it. I think you are doing a great job.

        • Thanks, but like I said, pull me back from the edge if you ever see me headed there! I was just reading a genealogy related blog post saying how important it is to be personal in your blog so that people feel as though they know you – like a friendly face or someone you enjoy talking to. Always a balancing act. I’m always trying to filter myself on Facebook, so at least I had a little practice there.

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