Wednesday Whine

Organizing all these pictures and papers and notebooks and computer files sure takes a lot of time.

Just needed to get that off my chest.

Scanned a bunch of pictures from husband’s family this week.

Trying to get everything I have for Wilbur Hoskins organized. His life only lasted 5 years.

How long will it take me to organze everything for someone who lived, say 92 years?

And once I have everything for Wilbur organized – my table will still look the same.

Just sayin’.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Whine

  1. Kathy, I’m with you on that one! While it seems like a never-ending task, I keep telling myself it is worth it. This is how our great-grandchildren (whom we don’t yet have) will get to have a tangible heritage.

  2. I completely understand where you are at present and have been there many times through the years. Right now my genealogy stuff (including pictures) is all over my desk, in boxes in my office with a few boxes in my closet and also takes up an entire chest of drawers in another room. πŸ™‚ While it is time consuming to document and scan pictures and records, keep in mind that everyone deserves to be remembered and the work you are doing now will be appreciated by future generations of your family. Kudos to you for being your family’s historian & preservationist.

    • Thanks for the validation and encouragement! That picture didn’t show the half of it! πŸ™‚ It is unfortunate that I didn’t know about tif files when I first started, so part of the process is re-doing things I have done before. And then there are the computer files – no system – so things are all over the place – so now I am trying to establish a system to follow. And then there are the piles of papers, etc. that were once in a place but not put back and others that never had a place. And then I had this crazy idea to start blogging. The good thing about blogging is that it keeps the process on the front burner. Otherwise, I think I’d just throw everything back in a box for another year.

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