Sepia Saturday – Making the Cut

Sepia Saturday provides an opportunity for genealogy bloggers to share their family history through photographs.

Today’s Sepia Saturday prompt suggests that we consider the man on the right side of the photograph whose head has been cut off.

I have a few family photos like that.

Seems that people in my family don’t always have the best aim.

Or is something else at work here?

Take this picture, for example…

A great shot of my Aunt Wilma (the baby). Clearly whomever took the picture couldn’t help but focus on those gloriously chubby little baby legs.

Thankfully, Grandma identified everyone on the back of the picture, so I know that the body on the left belongs to my mom and the white shirt and tie is Uncle Al. That’s Uncle Roy on the right. He was just short enough to make it into the picture of Wilma.

Here’s a full-size Aunt Wilma front and center again on Christmas morning ….

And Mom (on the right), has her head this time because now she and Aunt Wilma are about the same height.

Me, on the other hand – just a faceless head.

Aunt Wilma seems to find it funny that she is the center of every picture.

Uncle Roy is laughing it up as well. He knows what’s going on. Sitting beside Wilma, he’s made it into another picture.

To see what other’s have done with today’s decapitated man, “head” over to the Sepia Saturday blog.

29 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday – Making the Cut

  1. I like the first photo best. I mean all people in this picture presumably did their utmost to look as favorably as possible but only two survived the chemicals in the darkroom. I think that’s kind of funny. But that may be my weird sense of humor…

    • I hope you don’t mind me using them. I love the two pictures at the beginning and the end. Sometime you’ll have to tell me what was going on in that last picture, if you remember. Is that Steve between you and Miriam? We were lucky to have Wilma in the center of our pictures!

    • Yes, they probably weren’t very good. We have quite a few older pictures – and ones taken by little ones – that are missing heads or halves of bodies. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Ha – these are so funny. I’m sure your mother and uncle thought, “Gee, I’m glad I showed up.” And Christmas morning – I hope your mom and Wilma received new pajamas. Their look-alike pose -my gosh- that could be my sister and me!

    • Wendy, I’m sure you are right – they must have been disappointed. There aren’t many pictures of them as kids – I’m sure my grandparents didn’t own a camera – so it was a bit of an occasion, and they had their heads cut off!

    • Wendy – this will teach me to reply when I’m not on my actual comment page….I couldn’t see the rest of your comment from the stats page. I think their look-alike poses are so funny!

  3. What a humourouse set of photos. In my family we tend to chuck out the awful shots, My favourite the first photo – at least the empashis was on your aunt Wilma as a toddler. .

    • I’m so glad someone kept that first picture – I think it’s the only one I’ve seen of Wilma as a toddler or baby. And I’m glad no one threw out that Christmas morning shot. Even though it’s not very good, I love seeing how my mom and her sister are standing side by side in the same stance. Thanks for stopping by!

    • My mom was born 8 years and 19 days before Wilma, so I guess she was nearly 9 in this picture. How’s that for an exact answer? It is hard to read age according to legs! Thanks for stopping by, Bob!

  4. Great pictures and they brought a good morning chuckle. I showed them to my husband and he said it reminded him of his grandmother who was known for taking family pictures with heads cut off. The bottom picture is my favorite because of the mood it captures.

    • Hi Danita! Hope you have lots of chuckles today! I really like that last picture. My aunt seems to be trying so hard to stifle a laugh and just can’t do it. I think my cousin is the middle guy on the right. Maybe he was playing cards with the grownups and did something unintentionally hilarious.

  5. All fun photos, but that first photo is just priceless! And what’s even greater is that they didn’t throw it away because it wasn’t “just right.” Wouldn’t that have been a shame?

  6. The first picture looks like it was taken from a child’s perspective, maybe the person taking the pic was kneeling? It’s interesting to see photos taken by children, they usually see something differently than we do because they are shorter.

    • It does look as though the photographer was kneeling – trying to get down on the kid’s level maybe. Overcompensated a bit, though. Pictures my kids took of me are pretty funny! The perspective doesn’t do me any favors! Thanks for your comments!

  7. The chubby legs obviously won the day. Just like the one on Alan’s post (and in the prompt picture), the photographer is concentrating on the child subject – quite rightly, but to the exclusion of the others. In your family’s case this meant that some of you were decaptated! Nice set of pictures.

    • I love chubby baby legs – I might have done the same, but I feel a little sorry for my mom and uncle standing up straight for the picture. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. That first image is just perfect with the stair step evolution of a head disappearing. Full head, top of head cut off, chin, then no head. Perfect!

    • I hadn’t looked at the image in that way, but you are right – a progression of head loss! The perspective is off, of course, but even more so because that chin in the shirt and tie is the oldest and tallest of the four – yet he looks shorter than my mom on the left. Thanks for commenting!

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