The Secret Life of Bloggers #2

Secret Life of BloggersI’m back for my second installment. If you are new to The Secret Life of Bloggers, here’s the scoop as described at World Turned Upside Down:

All you have to do is take a photo of something you did or experienced each day of the week and post your photos each Friday. You can include captions about what was happening when the photo was taken or a short statement about your day.

It’s been fun – something to focus on each day. Here’s my week in photographs.

Friday 1-17-2014  

2014.01.17 Tina leaves

Daughter #2 leaves for college out of state. Tears in my eyes.

2014.01.17 gift2014.01.17 Merry brings gifts

Just what the doctor ordered. More tears.

Saturday 1-18-2014


Rusted trees. No, wait…. that’s pollen. Achoo!

Sunday 1-19-2014



Monday 1-20-2014

DSCN3344We will sit and look cute for the picture because you have treats in your hand.

Tuesday 1-21-2014

2014.01.22 cropWatching Gilmore Girls without my girl.

Wednesday 1-22-2014

photo (24)

In the absence of Daughter #2, Dreamboat and I take in the view from her bed. A comfortable spot for my morning quiet time.

Thursday 1-23-2014

photo (25)

My friend came over to teach me something simple that I can crochet in the coming days. As we began to work this potholder, I went to a drawer and pulled out one that my grandmother made. I am sure it is the same pattern.

4 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Bloggers #2

  1. Did you open one of your goodie bag gifts from FUMC even though you were delayed in your departure by the ice Storm of January 2014? Guess ill have to next week’s blog post!

    • No – I haven’t opened anything yet. My thought is that I won’t open any until the day I get the catheter installed in my neck…. unless I feel yucky from the first couple of shots and think I need a reward. 🙂

    • As I got the hang of making this, I remembered a few potholders I have that my grandmother crocheted. The ones I was remembering are not this pattern, but then I found this one. It did make me smile! Now I think of her when I pick it up to crochet.

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