Pandemic Pantry Potluck – Daikon Radish Fries

I’m documenting a little slice of our life during the pandemic with a Pandemic Photo Journal and a Pandemic Pantry Potluck. We are having most of our groceries delivered and joined a Community Supported Agriculture farm. I’ll be sharing a few recipes, how the CSA is working out, or possibly musing on the state of toilet paper or grocery delivery service – whatever appeals to me on a given day. We are so lucky to have a well-stocked pantry at a time when so many have lost jobs and find themselves waiting in very long lines at overwhelmed food pantries. Now is a good time for sharing as we are able.

We got our first veggie box from a different service than the CSA we now belong to. This is what we received in that first box.

Our second meal from this box used two of the oranges and the daikon radishes. We had two tuna steaks in the freezer and some leftover Parmesan Spinach Cakes (made with chard instead of spinach) to complete our meal.

I was going to share the recipe I used for the daikon radishes, but I can’t find it! I know it was printed from the internet several years ago and that I had it in the kitchen with me when I made this. But I have somehow misplaced it. Oh well. It was not a complicated recipe, so here is the gist of it.

Scrub or peel (I peeled) the radishes. Cut into sticks like french fries. Coat with olive (or other oil) and season with salt and pepper. I think I used a seasoned salt like Adobo. Bake until done. I used a fairly high heat and turned them over during baking. I could have seasoned them a bit more and I think a dipping sauce would be great. I keep wondering about barbeque sauce or something with Asian flavors. The radishes mellow with cooking.

The friend that I got the idea for this veggie service from complained about the oranges she got having such a tough skin and being old. If they were the same as these oranges, I can see why she thought so negatively about them.

They weren’t very pretty and the skin was tough, so I sliced them instead of trying to peel. They were delicious! So sweet. I think they might be an orange more suited to juicing, but what do I know about citrus? They were messy to eat and had a tough membrane like grapefruit sections. But they were worth the effort. I hope we get more next time. I’ll gladly lick my fingers again.


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