Follow Friday – June 1, 2012

What stories could this table tell?

My Dad(Jerry)’s cousin, Wilda Morris is a poet and family genealogist (among other titles). At, she offers a monthly poetry challenge. This month’s challenge is to write a poem inspired by furniture. The two poems she offers as examples – one by her and one by Thomas Hardy – speak to the connections to the past that furniture and other objects hold for us. And there is a wonderful picture of her mother as well!

Also this week, I found this collection of 40 of the Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken. Across time and place, these photographs tell a story and reveal the emotion of the moment. I have gone back to look at them three times and they remain compelling.

From Dan Curtis: Encore! More Free Resources!

Lastly, this from Jon Acuff:  Play to the size of your heart, not the size of the crowd.  Well said. And encouraging to a newbie to blogging. May we all be Awesome with a huge heart.



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