Tombstone Tuesday – Smith in Bethel Cemetery

As described previously, Dad(Jerry) and I searched for Mary Ann Rutledge in Bethel Cemetery to no avail.

We had better luck with our kin.

Dad with Andrew Washington Smith June 2012

Dad’s grandfather, Andrew Washington Smith, was right where he was supposed to be on Row 8. Yay! He had one of the larger grave markers  in Bethel Cemetery, so he was easy to find. Dad was just 4 years old when his grandfather died, so he couldn’t have known him well, but has a few memories and stories about him. One involves a 1918 Maxwell. I’m going to have to do a little research on that car and then I’ll share the story.

Dad with A. W. Smith and Martha J. Yost Smith Norcross

In the picture above, Dad is standing between his grandfather and great-grandmother, Martha Jane Yost Smith Norcross (Andrew W. Smith’s mother).

Martha Jane Yost grave marker

Martha Jane Yost and John H. Smith were married 25 June 1851 in neighboring Jefferson County, Iowa. The couple had three children: Andrew Washington, Sarah, and Emma. John H. Smith died 21 May 1861, at the age of 31. An entry on records that John H. Smith is buried in Cumberland Cemetery in Jefferson County, Iowa.

Martha married Joel Norcross in 1882. Her tombstone reads:

MAR 21 1830
APR 16 1905

Her marker reads “Mother” across the top. On the other side of Martha is her daughter, Emma J. Smith.

Emma J. Smith grave marker

I have a lot to learn about this part of the family….

More Bethel Cemetery coming soon.






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