Sepia Saturday – August 25, 2012

Sepia Saturday provides an opportunity for genealogy bloggers to share their family history through photographs.

Today’s prompt reminds me of a Fred Astaire movie. Top hat. Tails. Flowing gown.

No Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers among my photos. Instead, I decided to focus on the bouquet. Are those calla lilies? I thought there might be at least one calla lily bouquet among the photos of my husband’s families. You’ll have to tell me if they are or not. I’m no expert.

Now that I am sharing these pictures, I realize how little information I have recorded for my husband’s family. How embarrassing! So we’ll just focus on the photographs.

Joseph Loverde and Angela Parlati

This beautiful couple is my husband’s grandparents. The photo was hand tinted and the flowers highlighted. Not sure about the part that seems to hang over the side. Maybe the picture has faded and left this mystery where there was once more bouquet?

And here is the wedding party. The only person I can identify off-hand is the woman on the other side of the groom. She is Angela’s sister, Rosie. Lots of large bouquets.

I had to add this picture of Joe and Angela because I think it is so sweet and romantic.

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26 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday – August 25, 2012

  1. Love the flower girls and the disgruntled little boys next to each of them.

    Took your first shot and put it into Photoshop to lighten and was surprised to find such swirly bright colors on the wall behind them.

    • I have no Photoshop skills! I had just scanned these this week and hadn’t asked my Photoshop-abled daughter to work on them for me. They would be much better lightened up a bit. Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to ask her to get on that for me!

    • Yes, they are amazing. When I saw the prompt, I had to go in search of this picture, although I didn’t remember who had the large lily bouquet.

  2. I know this is tacky and rude but your grandparents-in-law seem to have come from big money. The gown, the flowers, the groom’s shoes even — so beautiful. I think I’m just in awe of the opulence of the wedding since none of my grandparents or my husband’s grandparents had real weddings.

    • I knew I would only find a picture like this among my husband’s family photos. My families – the story is more like yours. Not even a picture to mark the day. Interestingly, the couple moved in with the bride’s parents because they couldn’t afford to set up their own household. I need to ask my MIL for more details. I know that one of Joe’s sisters was a talented seamstress and made a lot of wedding gowns for family. Don’t know if she made this one though. No offense taken – I thought the same thing.

    • Hey Brian! Thanks! I don’t have any pictures like this for the Coates. No wedding picture at all for my Grandmother. How about yours?

  3. Beautiful photos – do you think everyone in the wedding party wore white? Think the pictures could be lightened with a photo software program and you could probably see more details in the images.

    • Yes, they really are dark. I just recently borrowed these from my MIL. I haven’t learned photoshop yet – but my daughter is quite good. Anywhoo, running late getting something up for SS and just went with them. I’ve already told daughter I have photos waiting for her. 🙂 the photos on your blog are always gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Thanks for your comment about the photos on my blog. I don’t have photoshop, but I do use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to edit and correct the color on old photos. I saved your in-laws wedding pic and used the auto-correct function. It lightened the pic considerably. I wanted to send it to you, but your email address isn’t listed on your blog. Since your daughter has photoshop, she’ll be able to enhance the photo even more than what I did with microsoft. Maybe you can do a follow-post to show the enhancements your daughter was able to do with the wedding photos using photoshop.

        • Oh gee, thanks for trying to help me out! I need to remedy the no email address in my blog and will soon. I like your suggestion to post the improved photos. When they are done, I will.

    • I think the flowers match the one in your prompt, so I was happy with your selection. :)Thank you for your kind comments.

    • The way the flowers have been tinted really makes them pop, doesn’t it? Glad you enjoyed them, Kathy. Thanks for stopping by!

    • That bit in the post about being embarrassed about how little info I have recorded about my husband’s grandparents? That’s because I don’t even have the date of their wedding. They were married in Houston, TX. You made a good guess abiut the time. Their first child was born in 1934, so my best guess is 1932-33. I’ll be asking my MIL for some details this week.

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