Sepia Saturday – Men in flat hats


This week’s prompt image for Sepia Saturday is a group photograph of “Big Mac” Caddy Master and caddies at Shaughnessy Golf Club – February 1921.

The prompt reminded me of a few photos I have of men in flat caps, some of whom are sitting or squatting like the fellows pictured.

The first to come to mind is this photo of three chums sitting and smoking pipes. I don’t know who the fellow is who is wearing the cap. The only person identified is the man on the right, John Elgey. This photo was in the possession of my maternal grandmother (Eveline), who corresponded with her Elgey first cousins in Durham, England.

Below is a photo of my step-grandfather Glenn Hockensmith and his two sons – my dad on the left and his brother on the right. Glenn was a dairy farmer in Kansas. It looks like a cool fall or winter day for working on the farm. I hope there was also some time to play. I like that they are not scrubbed and dressed up for a photograph. I am curious as to why a photo was taken on this particular day.

I’ll close with my husband, posing here in his favorite hat in his parents’ home sometime in the 1970s.

Here he is again (I told you it was his favorite hat) – this time outside an old home in Waco, TX.

No golfers in the bunch, although dad (Jim) did grow up to enjoy playing golf. And because he enjoyed it, I took it up for a few years when we lived in Joplin, MO.

I’m light on stories and insights today…

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14 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday – Men in flat hats

  1. I had a favorite flat cap back in the 70s too. A blue tweed Kangol I think. It was an infatuation with what I thought was a current British fashion. Needless to say I was very mistaken but it wasn’t until I went to London in the 80s that I learned the days of Brits in caps had disappeared decades before. There was also a class/regional fashion to caps that I, being an American in a strange land, had no clue to understand.

    • I guess my husband still likes a flat hat. He bought a black wool for winter. It’s not cold here often, but he wears it when he can. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love this collection of males in hats…which the children include as a bit different styles. But I’ve never had a flat hat, and I wonder if my sons have. Probably.

    • My son never had a flat hat, but he was fascinated by hats from the time he was a baby. Collected hats for all his favorite sports teams growing up.

  3. Great set of cap photos. For a minute, I thought the flaw in the first shot was an airplane. Interesting that your dad’s childhood cap was a variation on your husband’s from the 1970s. My favorite here is the photo of your dad on the Kansas farm as a child.

    • That mark over his head does look a bit like an airplane, now that you point it out. It was an “x marks the spot” so my grandmother would know which man was her cousin since they never met.

  4. Wow, I think you captured the “people with the best expressions!” It’s funny I don’t know one person who smokes a pipe anymore, but growing up pretty much all the men in our family did!

  5. Hmmm – I just realized my dad and his dad and brother are standing in front of a big wood pile. Maybe a photo to capture their hard work….

  6. I’m kind of sad that hats have gone out of fashion. My father steadfastly continues to wear his cap though. It’s a Beatles one now. Very hip. Black corduroy.

  7. Your husband’s hat is Mighty!
    I love the style.
    I dont really understand why we seem to wear hats less these days.No logic in that.
    I love your Dad’s expression !

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