George’s Wedding Photo Part 2 – Ethel

As I noted previously, I’m deconstructing this wedding photograph found among my grandmother’s photographs and papers. No one was identified in the picture and I had no idea who they were when I found it. Other photographs and copies of a few letters provided clues. In Part 1 I identified the groom as George Elgey, a cousin (so said the back of a photo) of my grandmother, Eveline Coates.

Elgey, George.Wedding

Among Eveline’s photographs are several of a young woman identified as Ethel Elgey.

Ethel Elgey

Ethel Elgey

George was quite handsome. The same can be said of Ethel. I think she is lovely.

Ethel wrote a greeting to my grandparents on the back of the photo above.
Elgey, Ethel reverse

To Auntie & Uncle
From Ethel
May health, wealth & prosperity, crown your path this coming year.

There are five pictures of Ethel in Grandma’s collection, but one more should suffice. This photo is identified as Baby Jennie and Ethel.

Elgey, Ethel holding Baby Jennie

Baby Jennie and Ethel

I think I found Ethel in the wedding photo – on the right in the light colored dress and hat.

Elgey,, Ethel.cropElgey, Ethel holding Baby Jennie.crop

They look like a match to me, although the wedding picture doesn’t do her justice.

Now I had two Elgeys – whoever the Elgey’s were.

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7 thoughts on “George’s Wedding Photo Part 2 – Ethel

  1. I enjoyed these post and the illustration of your detective work. I just wanted you to know that I have listed the posts (now incorrectly stated to be a two-part post) on my “Saturday Serendipity” post at


    • Thank you John! I’m not sure how many I’ll end up with…. I tend not to work up my posts in advance, so I never know what to expect either! 🙂

  2. i’m a distant relative of the elgeys! my grandpas Mum was an elgey and her name was Edith (Edie to her friends) I also know of my great great grandpa Joseph Elgey and various other elgeys (many of whom were ladies) there is only one eley alive today that I know of and her name is Dot.

    • How nice to hear from you! I have heard of another living relative of this Elgey family. I think her father’s name was Alfie. Do you think your great great grandpa Joseph was a brother to the Frederick Elgey in this family (husband of Jane Ann Coates)? My grandmother wrote to her Elgey cousins and I always hope I will find someone who has some of the letters she wrote or pictures she sent. Do any of the pictures I’ve posted look familiar to you?

    • Hi Jennifer! Do any of these people look familiar to you or have familiar names? I am occasionally contacted by an Elgey now and then, but then seem to lose touch after a comment. I know there are related Elgey’s out there! I would love to find and meet them!

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