Sepia Saturday – And Now Your Favorite Flying Cowboy …

Could it be? Sky King? The flying cowboy?

Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy with lasso and sheep cropped

Looks like he has this case tied up. That wooly bandit was up to no good, but his criminal ways have been put to an end!

Well, okay … it’s not really Sky King since Sky King didn’t hit the airwaves until 1946 and this photo was taken about 1930. But maybe, just maybe, the radio and television shows were based on the childhood exploits of my father-in-law, Martin Morales. Here’s a day in his life – his 2nd birthday seems like a good guess to me.

Martin was a busy cowboy that day. He arrived in a blur in his speedy airplane.

Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy in airplane

His cowgirl cousin met him at the ranch. They were ready for anything.
Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy and ?First there were chores to do out in the pasture.
Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy cutting grass 2

The horses needed to be lassoed and tended to.Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy with ponyWait! Who is this bad guy and what kind of mischief is he up to?
Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy and ? with sheep“I’ve got him covered. Call the sheriff!”
Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy with lasso and sheep croppedLet’s head into town for some sarsaparilla. I could use a stiff drink!
Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy and ? on back of car

sepia sat 6 dec 2014Golly, Friends, head on over to Sepia Saturday and see what the other kids are up to today!

Fellows and girls, you can watch an episode of Sky King right here!




May I Direct You To …

Smadar Belkind Gerson at Past-Present-Future has added a new post, Photo Detective Study of Produce Row, that includes information about the Morales Banana House in Houston Texas. She did some great detective work and was able to date the photograph of flooding that I included in my post about the Banana House.

Smadar was so kind to include additional information about the Morales produce business in her blog post! And she found video footage and another photo that may offer additional glimpses of the building. I’m still looking them over!

Please hop on over and take a look!


Non-Familial Person of Interest Located – A Happy Blogging Story

Squirrel in a Hole

Squirrel in a Hole

I have been absent from my blog for a few weeks. I’ve been feeling like a squirrel in a hole (you really must click on the picture to understand the feeling I wish to express) and the creative juices seemed to just stop flowing. The result – no writing.

I’ve been reading other blogs, though.

A couple of weeks ago I hopped from one blog … to another blog mentioned in the comments … and on to another blog related to the story.

Do you ever hop down those internet trails?

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t do that – it’s a time waster!

It turns out this wasn’t wasting time after all. This was research! I just didn’t know it at the time.

I’m not going to tell the whole story here because the person at the end of that trail has done that for us and I’m sending you over to her blog to read about it.

Please visit the blog Past-Present-Future, where Smadar Belkind-Gerson has written about the serendipity of our blog hopping and how it led us to a greater understanding of our own family histories.

It involves floods and bananas.

We often hope for cousins to find us when we blog about our families. And we sometimes put something on our blog as “cousin bait.” But sometimes people who are not related can add another layer of information and texture to our own family histories.

What shall we call these people?

non-familial persons of interest?

I think they may be worth looking for. Choose the moniker of your liking and send out a little bait.

And please – Go read this story!