May 21 – American Red Cross Day

Today is American Red Cross Day, so thought I’d look for some family connections to the Red Cross. This from the Fall 1996 issue of the Strange Webber Connection family newsletter:

From the Strange Webber Connection


Susan Nancy Hendrickson Strange

Susan Nancy Hendrickson Strange is my 2nd great grandmother. I do not know who Mrs. C. A. Goodykoontz is, but she addresses Susan as “grandma.”  Hmm…. something else to look into.

I am sure my mother volunteered with the Red Cross and when I can find something in my rather disorganzed family papers to prove it, I may post it later. In the meantime, please leave a comment concerning you or your family and the Red Cross.


Transcription of letter:

Lincoln County Chaper American Red Cross
Lincoln, Kansas

Dec. 29 1918

Mrs. Strange:

Dear Grandma:  I am writing to Thank you in behalf of the American Red Cross for your donation. All you have done is greatly appreciated. It is so nice of all the people to do the wonderful work they are doing. Wishing you a

Happy New Year,  as ever

Mrs. C. A. Goodykoontz