7th Blogiversary This Week

I published my first post here on April 21, 2012. It is not a date that sticks in my mind. In fact, I only know to mark the occasion because I saw that Jana Last noted her Blogiversary. We launched our blogs within a couple of weeks of one another, Jana being first. When Jana says she is having a Blogiversary, I know I am too.

As happens with many of us, this blog has had times of drought as well as plenty. At one time, I was posting about three times a week. A few family and friends kindly followed along, as well as a small circle of fellow family history bloggers. I enjoyed my new community.

Then came the drought, precipitated by a diagnosis of a nasty lymphoma that necessitated chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. Posts were few and far between, even for some time after my treatment was complete because I had lingering “chemo brain” and just couldn’t get my writing or research together. My little circle of followers had nothing to read and a few left blogging themselves.

When I was ready and enthusiastic about getting back to it, I didn’t know how to jump back in. Thank goodness for Sepia Saturday. The weekly photo prompts gave me a way back. And that is where I am now – usually posting once a week in response to the prompt. It has been my blogging life preserver.

Alas, cancer isn’t through with me. A new diagnosis of an unrelated cancer meant major surgery the first of February and I have just had my second of twelve chemo treatments – every other week for six months. So far, I’m having one not-so-good week followed by a week that’s pretty good. I’m hopeful that I won’t fall completely off the blogging wagon this time.

I look back at those early posts now, many about my young self in relation to my family, and I am surprised at the stories. I have lost some of those memories now. I would not be able to write them today. I hope you will take my advice to preserve even the silly little stories of your life. Write them somewhere – even if only for yourself.

By far, my most read post is for directions to make “port pillows” – little pillows to attach to your seatbelt. They offer a bit of comfort to cancer patients who have a portacath for administration of drugs. Someone “pinned” the post a few years ago and I get hundreds of hits every week from around the world.

My most recent “accomplishment” here is a series I just completed about an uncle who died due to complications of measles when he was five years old. There are eight in the series, beginning with this one:
Sepia Saturday – An Uncle I Never Knew: A Tow-Headed Boy

Here are a few of my other favorites from the past year:

Sepia Saturday – Stunt Man on a Bike

Sepia Saturday – From Sicily to New Orleans

Sepia Saturday – Farming and Fences in Kansas

Sepia Saturday – Grandpa at Lake Okoboji

Sepia Saturday – Protest at Gwynn Oak Amusement Park

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Thanks for reading along! I look forward to #8!